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TruckMaster CDL Training LLC, a veteran-owned CDL training establishment nestled in sunny Florida, prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to training. Our focus lies in providing tailored, self-paced training for individuals and small groups.

Catering to all levels of expertise and experience in the expanding realm of truck driving, we offer comprehensive services from DOT physicals to training and 3rd party testing.

Our personalized and flexible approach empowers you to progress at your own pace, ensuring that each applicant advances smoothly in their training journey.

What is a Commercial Drivers License(CDL)?

“A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a driver’s license that’s required to operate large, heavy, or placarded hazardous material vehicles in the United States.”


  • Class “A”– Required for driving vehicles weighing over 26,000lbs and towing over 10,000lbs.
  • Class “B”– Required for driving vehicles over 26,000 lbs and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rate (GVWR) is under 10,000 lbs.
  • Class “C”– Required for driving vehicles transporting 16 passengers or Hazardous Material (HAZMAT).


The type of CDL you will need will depend on the type of vehicle you desire to drive. For some vehicles, and/or states, additional endorsements may be required.



  • Must be 21 years of age (18-20 for intrastate).
  • Provide legitimate identification and social security number.
  • Proof of state and US residency.
  • Must obtain a valid DOT Physical.
  • Pass a knowledge exam.
  • Pass a pre-trip inspection.
  • Pass road skills and driving exam.
  • Pay all applicable fees.

Our Services

Class A Manual Transmission

Our Class A Manual Transmission training program provides comprehensive instruction for aspiring truck drivers seeking mastery in handling manual transmission vehicles.

Class A Automatic Transmission

Explore our Class A Automatic Transmission course tailored to equip individuals with the skills needed to operate automatic transmission trucks efficiently and safely.

Class B Manual Transmission

Enroll in our Class B Manual Transmission training to gain expertise in maneuvering medium-sized vehicles with manual transmission systems.

Class B Automatic Transmission

Our Class B Automatic Transmission course is designed to train drivers in operating automatic transmission vehicles, ideal for those focusing on medium-sized vehicle operations.

Class B Passenger / School Bus Endorsements

Obtain your Class B Passenger/School Bus Endorsements through our specialized program, ensuring you’re fully equipped for passenger and school bus driving responsibilities.

Restriction Removal Manual / Airbrakes

Remove restrictions and enhance your driving credentials with our Restriction Removal Manual/Airbrakes training, covering essential techniques for safe and unrestricted driving.

BTW Training

Benefit from our BTW (Behind The Wheel) Training, offering hands-on experience and practical skills development under the guidance of seasoned instructors.

Diverse team in safety vests by towing truck.

Entry Level Driver Training Online Theory

Access our Entry Level Driver Training Online Theory module, designed to provide foundational knowledge and theory components conveniently online.

Woman with certificate standing by truck driving school vehicle.

Entry Level BTW Training

Complement your theoretical learning with our Entry Level Driver Training Behind The Wheel (BTW) sessions, offering practical application and hands-on experience to reinforce your skills.




What Our Customers Say


I just passed my test today and as much as I’m happy to be finished I realize I’m going to miss everyone at Truckmaster. The staff here is more than instructors. They are my friends. Mr Charles was there the whole way with me. His teaching style was very easy to follow. His methodical method made learning the information easier. I’m happy I’m finished but I already miss them. Every staff member helped me in some way. They truly care about you passing. I would highly recommend Truckmaster, whose staff goes above and beyond to help you.

Archie Kirk

Thank you, Ms. Channel for everything and your knowledge you are the best. My experience at Truckmaster was great top notch better than any trucking schools in Central Florida. I highly recommend this place to anybody that’s trying to get their cdl. On the road to success now. Thanks to the whole crew
Lil’ Truck

It was a pleasure attending this school and meeting all these wonderful people’s Once again thank you very much?

Ryker E

First I want to thank each and everyone at Truck Master, I had a amazing opportunity and accomplished my goal with the help of Ms Chanel, Mr Stanley , Mr Charles , Mr Bernard , Ms Tanya , Mr Truck and lil Truck they all are amazing trainers I’d recommend this school to anyone.

Kevone Ferguson

Begin your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) adventure with Truckmaster CDL Training. We are a veteran owned company, fully compliant with FMCSA entry level driver requirements, registered as a training provider, and certified by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Opt for top-notch CDL education and start your career with assurance and excellence.